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about us

Rogueish began in 2008 as an idea for an online outlet for affordable art objects and fun stuff to do with contemporary art in Southeast Asia. As we went along, however, we found that the most useful and hard-to-get things we could carry were art books and catalogues. Which is why we have decided to turn Rogueish into a modest online bookshop.

Rogueish gathers selected art titles from booksellers, institutions, galleries, independent initiatives and artists from around the region. We often physically pick these up on our travels, and rely on the community grapevine for news on latest publications.

So please do let us know if you have titles to suggest or that you are actively seeking that we might be able to help source. We are also always keen to get in touch with sellers and publishers of books and catalogues related to modern and contemporary art from Southeast Asia. Write to us at

Rogueish is a sister enterprise of RogueArt, a team of art specialists based in Kuala Lumpur.