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10 issues of SentAp! Published by Teratak Nuromar 2005 Set of 10 issues of SentAp! Price: RM120.00

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A rare full set of this seminal Malaysian art quarterly, since it began publication in 2005. Visit for more details about each issue. Comes in complete set of 10's.
Third Text : Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Art & Culture, Special Issue Volume 25 Issue 4 Guest Editors: Patrick D Flores, Joan Kee Editors: Rasheed Araeen, Richard Dyer, Zoe Peterson, Yvie Andrews Published by Routledge 2011 Price: RM65.00

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Special Issue : Contemporaneity and Art in Southeast Asia
First ASEAN Symposium on Aesthetics Delia Paul, Sharifah Fatimah Zubir Published by National Art Gallery 1989 Soft cover, 142 pages Price: RM150.00

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Proceedings from the Symposium held at National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, from 24-27 October 1989.